KSE attended the exhibition events “Interop Tokyo 2019” and ‘Embedded Technology West 2019’ in Japan.

From June 10th – 16th 2019, Dr. Tang Nguyen, CEO of KSE High-Tech Solutions had a business trip to Japan. Mr. Tang first visited and had meetings for a joint project with researchers at AIST, Japan. After that, Mr. Tang attended the event Interop Tokyo 2019 and visited and have meetings for collaborations with some big IT companies in Tokyo. From June 13th – 16th, Mr. Tang moved to Osaka to participated in the “Embedded Technology West 2019” exhibition. He also visited and had meetings with several big IT companies in Kansai area.

During this trip, Dr. Tang Nguyen also had opportunities to visit offices of some Japanese organizations and IT companies. After this business trip, KSE had more partnerships and joint R&D projects with some leading Japanese IoT &Embedded technology companies. Mr. Tang and KSE want to thank Japanese partners and collaborators very much for the partnership and kind supports so far.

Some pictures :

Picture 1: Mr. Tang Nguyen at the Interop Tokyo Exhibition 2019

Picture 2: A corner view of Interop Tokyo 2019

Picture 3: Visit and meeting at FREEE Japan

Picture 4: Visit and meeting at BIZREACH Japan