Personal Information Protection Policy

KSE Solutions recognizes the importance of personal information of the audience and is keenly aware of the fact that personal information must be carefully and appropriately handled. It is our responsibility to treat personal information of the audience carefully and appropriately. We have therefore formulated the following Personal Information Protection Policy, and will follow it rigorously to safeguard personal information

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations Concerning Personal Information

The Company complies with all relevant laws in its handling of personal information, as well as guidelines and other regulations set out by the Japanese government. We will provide necessary education and training to our staffs who handle customer’s personal information

2. Enforcement of Personal Information Protection Measures

KSE Solutions will take measures for appropriately handling personal information and conduct proper safety and management steps for preventing an infringement on the privacy and any other personal right arising from theft, falsification, leakage of personal information, or any other incident.

3. Handling of Personal Information

Personal information entrusted to us will be properly managed and will not be disclosed to third parties except in the following cases.

  • With the consent of the customer
  • When disclosing to a company outsourced by the Company in order to fulfil the requests by the customer
  • When it is necessary to disclose in accordance with laws and regulations

4. Response to Complaints over Handling of Personal Information

Complaints over handling of personal information and requests by the customers for the disclosure of their personal information are appropriately and promptly noted and responded to by KSE Solutions via our contact information listed in our website.