Software Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing & Offshore Development Service

Offshore software outsourcing is the most effective model of business which the medium as well as big companies use to leverage their revenue generation, growth and expansion. In a few years offshore software outsourcing has yielded rich results for those who have practiced it to the optimum. It has stood the test of time and technology. Today Offshore software outsourcing has come to stay in a manner that it is not considered option but a good business decision. It is proven report that offshore software outsourcing increases 40% to 60% in net savings. The impeccable connectivity, incessant communication and the best and the latest use of technology has made KSE a preferred offshore software outsourcing partner to companies in various regions of the world. Our greatest achievement is that the customers like to stay with us. If offshore software outsourcing is an important strategic decision for business expansion and growth, offshore software outsourcing to KSE is good decision for the best desired result as KSE loves to walk extra miles to make it happen.

Advantages of offshore software outsourcing:

  • Focus on core business
  • Concentration on the core business operations
  • Gaining additional momentum in providing complete
  • Services to customers by leveraging the framework provided through outsourcing
  • Building confidence in organizations to venture into new
  • Realms of business
  • Cost effectiveness, quicker turnaround times, and minimizing customer attrition through non local outsourcing

KSE Software Outsourcing Services

KSE is found and intended to develop for the best support customer all over the world in software outsourcing.
We always innovate our methods in processing and developing talent employees to commit all requests of customer with highest level. We have been collecting the experience from our customers currently to improve and innovate to bring out the best effects.

We are offering the following services:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Open Source Customization
  • Web Designing

For More Information Contact us. Our Sales Team will present you with a fully customized proposal detailing the specific services needed to achieve your requirements fulfilled.

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Technologies & Tools

  • Odoo Framework, SugarCRM, SplendidERP,…
  • Java: Core, JSP, Hibernate, Struts, MVC, MFC, Winform,WPF;
  • NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS,…
  • C/C++ : OpenMP, Bada, ARM Cortex-M4, Adruino
  • C#: MVC, MFC, Winform, WPF
  • PHP: CodeIgniter, Symphony, CakePHD, Phalcom
  • Python: Tensorflow, Numpy, Scikit-learn, Ethereum, Django, Flask
  • Golang, Solidity for Blockchain, Smart contract
  • Java/Android, C/C++ Bada;
  • iOS: ObjectC, Swift