Announcement on cooperation between KSE and VinBigdata

KSE would like to announce that the management software for supporting projects developed by KSE has been handed over to the Vingroup Big Data Institute (VinBigData) and it is currently in the software maintenance phase.

The Vingroup Innovation Fund (VinIF) was established by Vingroup on August 21, 2018, with the overriding mission of supporting organizations and individuals in creating scientific, technological, and innovative researches, in order to bring about positive and sustainable changes for Vietnam.
VinIF will sponsor projects, scientific works and training related to Big Data with the aim of creating practically technological products and solutions that bring practical benefits to the community.

With that lofty goal, a software that can manage all sponsored projects and cooperated programs with organizations across the country to train elite human resources is essential. And KSE is proud to become a partner of VinBigdata, supporting building a comprehensive management system. The system can manage a large amount of data including members, organization, projects and manage project implementation according to the process. This software helps to synchronize data and saves time for managers when interacting with members, organizations, or consultants. Until the completion of the software, we always have a team of senior experienced supporters.
It is an honor of KSE to be a contributor to the development of VinGroup.

We want VinGroup as well as KSE to grow stronger and stronger, contributing more to the development of the country.