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Founded in 2016, KSE is an R&D company with expertise in: Software Engineering, Software Verification & Validation, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ERP and Fleet Management Systems. The key milestones of company:

– Founded in May 2016: KSE High-Tech Solutions, LTD.

– Reformed in November 2019: KSE Software Solutions JSC.

– Capital: 450,000 USD

– Human resource: 40 members.


To empower companies and organizations applying high-technology methods to optimize their operations, management and business activities.


A leading R&D company across the South East Asia region with competencies in : software engineering, software quality assurance, data science, machine learning, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management systems.

Meet Our Experts

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field

Takashi Nguyen, PhD&MBA
Vice President, CEO

Takashi Nguyen received the PhD in Software Engineering from JAIST, Japan. He is a former researcher at AIST, Japan. His major are software engineering, AI and Blockchain Technology.

Daniel A. Hoffman, MSc
Vice President / General Manager KSE North America

Daniel earned the MSc in Computer Science from the University of Chicago and BS in Business Administration from Marquette University. He has experience in several different areas such as: IT, Software Engineering, Commodity Trading, FinTech, E-Commerce, startups acceleration, etc.

Dzung Nguyen, MSc
Chief Operation Officer, KSE North America

Dzung got the Bechalor in Architectural Design and MBA from Hanoi University in 2006.
Her has more than 15 years in project management,
operation management, and business development, etc.

Hung Phan, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer

Hung received the PhD in Computer Science from Genoble Institute of Technology, France. His major are embedded systems, Electronics, Speech and Image Recognition, Data Science, Telecommunication etc.

Vinh Nguyen, PhD
NLP Group Leader

Vinh got the PhD in Computer Science from JAIST, Japan. His majors are AI, speech and text mining, NLP, deep learning. Vinh has 20 years of working in Industry, Academic research and teaching.

Ngoc Do, PhD
QA Group Leader

Ngoc got the PhD in Software Engineering from JAIST, Japan in 2010. She spent more years as a researcher with AIST, Japan. Her majors are software quality assurance, automated verification and validation.

Quang Doan, PhD
AI Group Leader

Doan got the PhD in Computer Science from University of Paris-Nord in 2013. His majors are data science, big data, data mining and analysis, pattern recognition, etc.

Anh Nguyen, PhD
Data Science Group Leader

Mr. Anh received the PhD in Information System from Kyoto University in 2012. He used to study and work for industry sector in Japan from 2003 until 2013. Mr. Anh Nguyen has 20 years of IT experience including 8+ years of quantitative data analysis.

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