Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Improve customer business strategies with AI technologies, e.g., Data Science, Deep Learning, NLP.

Software Development

Warehouse management, supply chain management systems, transportation, logistics software.

IoT & Embedded Systems, Energy Optimization

Connecting the world with emerging Internet of Things, cyberphysical embedded systems, energy optimization, smart building.

Software QA Services

Software quality assurance for a safer society. Software verification & validation, automated testing services.

Software Outsourcing

Give customers the best value with cutting-edge technologies, low cost and timely.

Bridge SE Training & Consulting

Provide software R&D solutions consultancy and intensive training courses.

KSE Software Solutions


The KSE team is composed of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing superior service to our customers. More importantly we have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver timely, well targeted, and affordable solutions. Today KSE has a staff of over 40 professionals, with Ph.D. and MSc in various disciplines such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligent, Mathematics, Automated Control, etc…

Why Choose Us

KSE provides flexible business models to match your needs and your budgets: Dedicated Experienced Team Model, Project-Based Model, Dual-Shore Working Model, Latest Technologies Updating Model.

High Quality

We always keep improving, listening, and creating the best solutions with the highest quality for customers.

Dedicated Team

Depending on each project, we form up a dedicated experienced team to work entirely for the project.

Timely Deliverables

Timely is very important in business. We commit to making deliverables to customers ahead of time.

Technology Update

Always update related advanced technologies for the best solutions and services to customers.

Certificates & Products

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Clients & Partners

Those who have laid the foundation for the success of KSE

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