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KSE Logistics Software, Fleet Truck Management

Software solutions for GPS/Telematics Monitoring, route tracking, planning, scheduling, route optimization, fleet management.

KSE Warehouse & ERP Software

Software solutions for warehouse management, production management, full supply chain management systems, inventory management, demand-forecasting analysis.

KSE Optimization Solutions Software

Software optimizing solutions for logistics, transportation, warehouse and cross-docking systems, full supply chain solutions, optimization methods for ecosystems.

KSE Data Science and Engineering

Big data, data mining, data analytics for finance, insurance, banking, telecommunication, healthcare.

KSE Software Development

Software development, mobile applications, software outsourcing, automated software testing, software quality assurance, Internet of Things.

KSE Education and Consulting

Software development consultancy, R&D solutions consultancy, training techs and science for kids, coaching kids to make software.


A built-in KSE telematics solution gives you richer diagnostic data, no installation downtime, capitalization tax benefits as well as warranty options backed by an extensive dealer network. A telematics turnkey solution to help drive down costs and improve safety right from the start.



The KSE team is composed of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing superior service to our customers — and who have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver timely, well targeted, and affordable solutions. Today KSE has a staff of over 40 professionals, with 10 PhD and 15 MSc in various disciplines such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligent, Mathematics, Automated Control, etc. Their work experience covers the range of information technology, computer science, electrical and machenical engineering including research, development, program design, measurement, feasibility study of  information and electrical/mechanical systems and full supply chain for commercial and industrial facilities.