IoT & Embedded Systems

Custom IoT development and embedded software services

At KSE, we expect a great deal more from Internet of Things software development and embedded IoT solutions than just a talking fridge or a Wi-Fi-connected coffee machine. IoT software development services bring extra connectivity and make everyday objects independent from their environments and energy sources. There are a lot of IoT products that save resources while delivering more value. We have experience in various domains of connected IoT solutions, ranging from goods consumption to cloud-based IoT platforms that share data with users around the world.

Our Experiences

At KSE, we have a R&D team for IoT and embedded systems. Our experts includes Dr. Hung Phan, Dr. Tang Nguyen, Mr. Quy Trinh, Mr. Nguyen Phung, Dr. Son Nguyen, Dr. Dung Tran, Dr. Hoa Phan, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Dr. Ngoc Do, etc. We have experiences from electronics circuit design to programming, solution design for IoT, Bigdata, security penetration tester.

IoT & Embedded software

We provide embedded software development services to minimize resource usage for software embedded in physical devices that operate on limited power

IoT network security

We test the security of your entire ecosystem of devices, networks, apps, operations, and processes

Sensors and actuators

We give you tangible connections to physical objects to control your devices.

Electronic prototyping

We encapsulate your software into prototyped hardware to prove that your concept works as expected.

Cloud-based backend

We increase the performance of your IoT software with seamless integration of all updates.

Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth updates lower consumption of the energy, so your users can do more on the go.

Technologies & Tools

  • Signal Processing & Identification, Embedded systems, Measurement & Automatic Control

  • Embedded Hardware System, Embedded Software Development (Linux- Arm)

  • IoT Application Development, Digital Signal Processing, Android Programming, C, C++ Programming

  • C, C++, Java, Android, js, Python, VHDL, SystemC, Verilog.

  • FPGA, DSP, ARM of ST, Atmel, Microchip, Cypress, TI, Nuvoton, Freescale, Xilinx, Altera. PLC of Siemens, Phoenix.

  • MatLab/Simulink, LabView, Altium, Orcad, Proteus, ADS, PLC Softwares.

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